Cleanse & Rejuvenate with Color

Sedona’s spectactular scenery is full of wonder

Best of Raw’s Awards Dinner Gala Green Carpet awesomeness!

Powerful transformational experiences are a hallmark of this event.

Did you know desserts could be health promoting?

We take our night life seriously at Expo

Gorgeous Bell Rock In Sedona

… and the crowd goes wild!

Markus Rothkranz brings dazzling inspiration

Chef Jillian Love rockin’ the cowboy breakfast

Learn about the healthiest ingredients to prepare delicious nutritious foods.

Experience the Joy of Friends New & Old

Learn how to make live foods & healthy plant based options

Our Pure Living Earth School is new this year at Mago Ranch!

Pure Living Expo is an Activation Station!

Ancient Wisdom Abounds

Alina Z and Amber Z – Pure Living beauties!

Delicious gourmet food can be SUPER healthy too!

Make plans to relax and enjoy beautiful Sedona

Your taste buds will soar!

Fresh flavors enhance the day.

Sensational Fresh Nut Mylks

Our foods don’t contain sucrose, gluten or chemicals.

We’re no stranger to fancy gadgets and healing devices

Did you know plant based cuisine could be so fancy?

Enjoy our daily yoga & qi gong program

Dan Ladermann and Cherie Soria with Jason Andrew Wrobel

Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa houses Pure Living Expo 2015

Technical Savvy Meets Pure Living

Our chefs teach how to make everything from simple dishes to complex desserts

Essential Oils, Essential Nutrients & Essential Fun

Aahhh the skills you’ll learn!

Superfood Smoothies for breakfast anyone?

Deep connections get created at Expo.

Dara Dubinet – the elegance of living cuisine

Sedona Rocks!

Exhibitors bring the best of pure plant based, living and organic foods

Get your green on!

Landis and Stobo enjoying life at Pure Living Expo